Journey Ahead: The Hypnobirthing Doula
Hannah Campbell who offers Doula care and antenatal classes, smiling against a pink backdrop

Hello, you! I'm Hannah.

Do you want to feel powerfully prepared for bump, birth and beyond?

Don’t you think birth is often painted out to be something awful, and in the months after birth we’re often expected to be invisible? Did you know doula care can make a huge difference to your experience?

Bringing life info the word and those postpartum days are fundamental moments of transition, and so being a significant part in supporting you is my soul purpose!

I am a passionate and experienced doula, antenatal educator and coach. I’d love to be your chosen friend and guide on your path to parenthood.

From five star rated antenatal education, to caring for you in labour, to coaching through parenting – I want you to feel powerful and in control. I provide YOU centred care in a system where you’re often seen as just a number. 

Picture of the Journey Ahead doula care, hypnobirthing and antenatal class guide on a white blanket.

My approach

Premium doula care, classes and coaching

Just like you, your birth and postpartum experience will be unique. I often say to clients that I don’t mind whether you have your baby on the top of Mam Tor or in ASDA carpark! Whatever feels right for you.

What matters to me is you feel confident, in control and trust in your body and instincts. You likely already know the power in investing in your mental and physical wellbeing, and the doula care, antenatal courses and coaching I provide are an extension of this for you and your baby.

Get in touch with me today to start your journey toward a joyful and transformative experience.

Doula Care & Coaching Services

3 important services I offer on your path to parenthood

Picture of the Journey Ahead doula care, hypnobirthing and antenatal class guide on a white blanket.

Antenatal Learning

In my teaching I am influenced heavily by hypnobirthing techniques and my experience as a practicing birth doula - with me you will learn everything you need to powerfully prepare for birth and beyond.

Doula Care

I am here to provide unwavering physical, emotional, and informational support throughout your entire birthing process and beyond. I also provide a wealth of postnatal doula services for after your baby arrives, including feeding support.

Life Coaching

My coaching techniques are immensely useful in supporting you as you create change in your life. I use a unique blend of techniques such as polyvagal theory, cyclical living, human design and the subconscious mind.

Individual Coaching Life Coach for Mums Journey Ahead (2)

The Podcast

The Journey Ahead Podcast

Through engaging interviews with leading experts, heartfelt stories from real parents, and evidence-based information, The Journey Ahead Podcast covers a wide range of topics. From hypnobirthing, holistic approaches to prenatal care, birth choices, postpartum well-being, parenting techniques, and so much more. 

By tuning in, you will gain valuable knowledge, discover different perspectives, and find the guidance you need to make informed decisions that align with your unique desires and values. Whether you’re a first-time parent or navigating the journey of parenthood once again, this podcast is a trusted companion on your path to creating a positive and powerful experience for you and your growing family.

A little bit of client love...

« Hannah where do I start! You were BEYOND 5 stars!
This is our first baby and I wanted to find someone to guide us through this new journey of preparing for labour and the fourth trimester, with the goal being to make my partner and I feel empowered and excited for what’s ahead. You did all of that and MORE! Such an incredible course and I am now so excited to bring my little girl into the world with the knowledge and techniques I have learnt in our 121 sessions with you. Could not recommend more! » 

Lauren S: Hypnobirthing Course & Doula Care

« Hannah really did go above and beyond for both my partner and I throughout our whole pregnancy journey. We found the course really helpful learning techniques and being more informed on every aspect of birth and what comes with it. Hannah also acted as our doula at the birth and without her support and knowledge our birth story would’ve been a lot different. We are so lucky that Hannah helped guide us to have a birth as close to our birth plan as possible through her expertise and management of the hospital staff.» 

Josh R, Hypnobirthing Course & DOula Care

« Putting the power back in your hands »

Ready to work together?

You can find out all of my upcoming courses and community events here. If you’d like to book some time in the diary to discuss you can either use my contact me form or book time in my diary here.