Journey Ahead: The Hypnobirthing Doula

Hi, I'm Hannah

Doula, antenatal teacher & women's coach

As parents (and especially as women) our experiences in early parenthood stay with us for the rest of our lives. 

My own experiences were incredibly transformative. I felt powerful, in control and confident as I navigated pregnancy choices, birth and those all important fourth trimester days.

You also deserve to have experiences that fill you with joy, make you feel powerful, and give your children the best start in life.

I’m based in Stockport and am very proud of being a Northern based birth worker and coach. I aim to make the services I offer accessible – not just in terms of pricing but also by offering virtual, flexible sessions and free resources where possible.

How I got here

Building Journey Ahead for you

I decided to train to be a coach back in 2019, after spending nearly a decade ‘coaching’ in my corporate roles in the advertising world. The fire in my belly to support people was too loud to ignore. I wanted to use my skills in a more meaningful way.

Then discovering hypnobirthing and the world of early motherhood in the midst of a pandemic was a steep learning curve.

My doula training was a big step on my path towards my soul purpose. I’ve now supported countless families through education, attending their births and holding space in their postpartum days.

I offer services from bump and beyond that enhance their experiences, increase their confidence and deepen their connections.

3 things about me

Get to know me a little bit…


I feel that every person deserves to be treated with love and respect. I am dedicated to creating safe spaces for you to learn and connect with others.

Learning Addict

I LOVE learning and am always in pursuit of building my virtual toolkit for supporting families and their babies. My birth library continues to grow!

Nature lover

I work a lot with nature in both my work and personal life. I love the feeling of being grounded and alive in the outdoors. It helps me feel connected to my purpose.

Outside of 'work'

Get to know me

I see and feel the value in investing in my mindset, my health and wellbeing. I spent a long time following a path I thought I should be on, and feel so grateful to live a life that lights me up now.

I love reading, listening and learning about how I can better help people step into their power and achieve what is important to them.

I love going on adventures, and so you’ll often find me exploring with my two dogs, husband and our three children in the peaks. I definitely feel at home amongst the trees!

When I’m not in Mum, Wife or work mode, I like to swim, do weightlifting, go to yoga classes and attend women’s circles

Hannah Campbell who offers Doula care and antenatal classes, smiling against a pink backdrop

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My values

The principles that drive my work:

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