Journey Ahead: The Hypnobirthing Doula
Paula Yeadon Smith


Who is P and what's the connection to fertility?

Paula was my beautiful, pure hearted friend. We shared lots of life together: went to school together, rode the waves of early adulthood together, worked together in the advertising world and then left these roles behind to develop our holistic businesses together. She was a best friend and confidant through some of my darkest and best times. 

Paula was a very spiritual, and she always used to say that we were twin flames, with life always magnetising us towards each other. Much of our life experiences were shared and enjoyed together. 

Losing her

A bit of background

In 2022, Paula experienced a devastating miscarriage that shook her whole world. Even when going through her own loss, she threw herself into sharing her gifts with people during their pregnancy and fertility journeys. We held relaxation events and began to dream big ideas about how our unique skills could support people. We were going to change the world together!

In early 2023, after several months grappling with her experience and struggling, she died. Losing her so suddenly has been a life altering experience.

I learnt so much from P, and I am guided by the impact she had on myself and others every day. I talk about P openly, and share my grief experience because it’s important. Paula and I were very passionate about the lack of support for women’s experiences, and so all of the work I do is impacted by this. You may find me mention P on my social media channels, talk about her as inspiration for services I offer and sometimes also fundraise for Miscarriage Association in her memory.

Paula Yeadon Smith

In P's memory

I launched Halo Calls

Halo Calls are a safe space to explore and discuss your fertility journey – whether you’re struggling with your experience of trying to get pregnant, have had a miscarriage or experienced baby loss.

They are free, and an opportunity to get support from a trauma informed doula who can connect you to a whole host of useful resources as you continue on your journey.

Trauma Informed Baby Loss Miscarriage Calls