Journey Ahead: The Hypnobirthing Doula


I was put on this planet to guide you and show up for you

Life as a parent is exciting, fulfilling, overwhelming, spectacular and challenging. When I say this work lights me up… it’s like bloody Blackpool illuminations over here! 

This is why I was put on the planet. It’s why I’ve experienced the things I have experienced, and its why I feel physically pulled into this field of work.

From having my own powerful experiences of birth, working with hundreds of families, seeing one of my babies go through a life threatening illness, breastfeeding challenges, losing one of my best friends, experiencing devastating miscarriage… it’s all shaped me to be who I am.

You deserve the best

You-centred care in a society that wants you to just 'get on with it'

I am here today, to serve you. To work alongside you. To offer knowledge and guidance. To listen and to hold your hand. To be your friend and your confidant

If you’d like to learn about the ways I can support you, please do explore my website to learn more, or maybe even join me on Instagram.

And because this role is ever evolving and growing, if there’s anything you need that I don’t have listed as a ‘service’, then get in touch so that we can explore together.

Need support?

Not everyone has 'a village'

Our deepest need us to feel that we belong and are held in our experiences. More often than not, that means we need to build the right support network around us.

Sometimes its just having the physical presence and listening ear from someone who ‘gets’ it. My own personal experiences and those of the people I have supported mean there’s not much I haven’t seen or helped people navigate through.

I believe that at this stage of our lives, we need authentic and genuine connection. When we have this, it has a powerful and positive force on our connection to those around us, the quality of our experiences, and our relationship with ourselves. 

«Wonderful Doula»

Leena: Birth & Postnatal Doula Care

« From the beginning Hannah makes an effort to create a lovely relationship between us and her cultivating trust and comfort! She’s very well informed and guided us through the unexpected hiccups during pregnancy that might leave you confused.  She’s very approachable and always available via text or phone if needed. Hannah clearly puts her clients first. I honestly don’t know how I would have done it without her! »

« Warmest Heart »

Carmen: Doula Care

« Hannah provided support, knowledge and encouragement at a time when I needed it most, it was everything for our family! She helped me with no judgement, just love. Forever grateful for this invaluable help during such a monumental time in our lives these acts of kindness live on and I feel so blessed to have had her on this journey with us. Hannah will make everyone feel so held and seen & comforted!»

Let's talk about your journey!

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