Journey Ahead: The Hypnobirthing Doula

Private Antenatal Course

Powerful birth preparation delivered inside the comfort of your home

My one-to-one private antenatal courses are delivered in the comfort of your own home. I am a passionate and dedicated hypnobirthing teacher and doula, committed to providing exceptional care and guidance, with a focus on you-centred care and informed choice. As an experienced practitioner, I understand the importance of creating a supportive and empowering environment for expectant parents.

Experience meets expertise in my unique antenatal education course, where I bring together my real-world experience as a doula and extensive training in hypnobirthing. As a seasoned doula, I have witnessed firsthand the incredible power of a positive and informed birth experience. My passion for supporting expectant parents, coupled with my in-depth understanding of hypnobirthing techniques, allowed me to create a course that is both informative and empowering.

Comprehensive Birth Preparation Course

Putting the power back into your hands

By choosing my private antenatal course, you are choosing a personalised experience that caters to your unique needs and preferences. I will work closely with you to tailor my comprehensive program that covers all aspects of pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood. From relaxation techniques and breathing exercises to birth preparation and pain management strategies, I equip you with the knowledge and tools to confidently navigate your birthing journey.

I firmly believe in you-centred and women-centred care, ensuring that you are at the forefront of every decision and actively involved in creating your birth plan. I will empower you to make informed choices that align with your values and desires, fostering a sense of confidence and ownership throughout your pregnancy and birth experience.

The fundamentals of the course

The Journey Ahead private antenatal covers all the essential fundamentals you need for a well-informed journey to parenthood. Expect hypnobirthing techniques, navigating the NHS, pain management strategies and more:


Discover the intricate interplay between the birthing environment, hormones, muscles, and biological functions. My course is meticulously crafted, drawing upon the latest evidence and research to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the physiological aspects of labour. Prepare to embark on a journey where knowledge empowers, enabling you to embrace the natural birthing process with confidence and trust in your body's innate abilities.


Understand and work with your nervous system, fostering a resilient mindset. Learn practical techniques that promote relaxation, regulate stress responses, and enhance your overall birth experience. With a deep understanding of the mind-body connection, you'll feel empowered to navigate the birthing process with ease and confidence. Join my course and unlock the secrets of polyvagal theory to create a positive and empowering birth journey.


Gain invaluable tools and techniques for you and your birth partner to make your labour more comfortable. From breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to effective positions and pain management strategies, you'll be equipped with a wide range of practical skills to support you. Additionally, you'll learn essential skills for the postnatal period, promoting recovery, navigating infant sleep, establishing breastfeeding and more.


Wondering where I cover?

I am proud to serve expectant parents in Manchester, Stockport, Yorkshire and Cheshire with my highly regarded private antenatal course. 

By focusing on local areas for my in-person classes, I ensure that you receive personalised attention and support tailored to your specific location and community.

Wondering if your specific location is covered? Get in touch to discuss. I do also offer online learning for those who are further afield.

« Our highlight! »

Emma & Matt: One to One private course

« Hannah has such a genuine heart that’s full of passion and knowledge which eliminates all those feelings of self-doubt and what ifs. I have come away feeling the most confident, empowered mummy-to-be ready to have the birth that’s best for me. I’m so excited to meet our baby and experience this with my husband, its bonded us even more and created this powerful team, that can and will do this together. Hannah has been one of the highlights of my pregnancy journey, I can’t thank her enough. We are so grateful to have her part of our journey, and encourage others do the same. »

« So informative! »

Georgia & Andy: One to One Private Course

« My boyfriend and I decided to look into hypnobirthing for the birth of our first child. As a children’s nurse I had a lot of anxieties surrounding labour and complications, mostly relating to being “overdue”. We did a 1:1 course with a Hannah, which I can’t recommend enough. It was so informative and my outlook on birth has changed completely. I feel calm, relaxed, well prepared and actually excited for our birthing process. I feel we are now able to make informed choices that are right for us and our baby and can advocate for ourselves. »

What topics does the course cover?

Read below to find out more about the topics covered on my course:

The Science

  • What happens to your body and why?
  • What are your hormones, muscles and nervous system doing when labour flows well?
  • How can we work with our nervous system to support our labour
  • Why does hypnobirthing work?
  • How can we work with it to deliver without intervention?
  • What positions can baby be in and how this might impact things?

The Tools

  • What tools and techniques can we use to keep calm and comfortable?
  • How can birth partners support and guide you through your labour?
  • How can you develop a hypnobirthing practice throughout pregnancy?
  • What can birth partners do?
  • How can birth partners support physically and mentally?
  • How can birth partners keep themselves calm and in a good headspace?

The Choices

  • What do we mean by informed choice and why is it important?
  • What are your choices around pain relief and the pros and cons of each?
  • Where can you give birth and the benefits of each
  • What are the roles of different caregivers?
  • What do we mean by policy, procedure and protocol and how do they inform care at present?
  • Crafting birth preferences

The Labour

  • What positions can you give birth in and why are these best?
  • What does intervention in labour look like and why does it happen?
  • What can you do to help your labour progress?
  • What can birth partners do to support you as your labour gets more intense?
  • What comfort measures should you consider having in place?
  • What is established labour?

The Fourth Trimester

  • What choices do we have around feeding and how can we navigate this?
  • If you want to breast/chest feed, how can you prepare for this?
  • What tools can you use in those early weeks?
  • How can you help baby heal from the birth? 
  • What can we expect in baby’s nappies?
  • What are signs baby is doing well?

Biological Norms

  • What is biologically normal sleep, eat, digestion and communication behaviour?
  • How do we support these in a biologically nurturing way?
  • What does it mean to be a responsive parent?
  • How can you nurture your baby to feel safe, secure and held in those early days?
  • Skin to skin, cluster feeding and a whole lot more! 


Flexible, affordable payment plans available.

Typically this content is delivered over 6 x 2 hour sessions or two full days. This can be shaped around your individual needs when you invest in this package.

At the end of the sessions you will receive:

  • 20 x audio relaxation files including some for certain situations e.g. Breech, c-section
  • Access to 2 hours of pre-recorded content on breastfeeding*
  • Access to 1 hour of pre-recorded content on baby massage*
  • The KG Hypnobirthing book
  • A printed resource pack for pregnancy and postpartum
  • A free guide on Aromatherapy for pregnancy and birth
  • Up to six hours free virtual doula care via Whatsapp in the lead up to your labour
  • A 1hr postpartum visit for feeding support
  • Discounted birth and postpartum doula rates
  • Discounted home birth kit rates (hire of pool and equipment)
  • Early access to parent and baby events which tend to sell out quickly!

The cost for this type of learning is £395.

There may be a small supplement for travel to your home depending on where you live, please enquire to discuss further

I currently serve all of the North West including but not limited to: Manchester, Cheshire and Stockport. I also serve couples in Yorkshire with one to one antenatal courses too. I charge a small travel surcharge depending on where you live, please enquire to discuss further.

Please contact me to book as spaces are extremely popular and therefore limited. As the course content is delivered flexibly to suit your schedule, it’s usually best to discuss and agree this first.

Let's talk about your journey!

Get in touch with any questions...


This is totally down to preference!

Most people join around the 20-25 week mark but I’ve taught at the 8 week and 38 week marks before!

Learning sooner gives you longer to practice but some like to wait until later which is fine.

I only ask for a £75 deposit and then payment in full before the course starts.

Payment plans are available too – just drop me a DM and we can sort this for you.

Feedback from parents who have done both, is that my course covers similar content but includes more detail and comes from the angle of empowered choice.

My detailed focus on the nervous system is unique. I’m not tied to a specific education provider meaning I can offer a unique view, and direct you to unbiased information.

Some courses do not allow birth partners in all sessions whereas this is something I request. As a working doula, I also offer pocket doula services to all course attendees until labour starts. I also provide the resource guides which are unique to my course.

Some parents do both NCT and my course!

The Journey Ahead course is for all birth experiences.

It covers every common intervention and choice you may be faced with in your journey including how and where you give birth.

The focus is informed choice and positive experiences not one specific type of birth.

I actively encourage birth partners at all of the sessions, I often find families opt for private learning when people work shifts and both want to learn together.

I work with you as a birthing team and so you have up to two birth partners included in the course fee.

Informed and confident partners contribute massively to your birth experience.

Any more questions?