Journey Ahead: The Hypnobirthing Doula

Prioritising ourselves can feel hard. We’ve been conditioned to feel a whole host of negative feelings about putting our needs, wants and desires first. I’m here to help you break out of that mindset.

You are important. Your goals and dreams are important. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and take the first step towards prioritising yourself, then read on about how we can work together.

Exploratory Call

Jumping straight into coaching can be daunting, I get it. That’s why I like to kick things off with a free consultation so that we can craft a solution that works for you and your specific needs. Its important we are both well aligned and that I believe my services are best suited to your needs.

These calls are 40 minutes long, and I ask that you fill out a short survey before we jump on the phone, just to make sure I am the best fit for you.

Just drop me a line via the contact me form and we can get the ball rolling.

One on one / individual coaching

This is where we get into the good stuff!

My simple and motivating coaching techniques will get you from where you currently are, to where you want to be. I want you to feel fearless in going after what matters most to you, and so coaching one on one carves out time and mental space to focus on just that.

Working one on one is best suited if you want regular, dedicated time to focus on your action plan and be held accountable for doing the steps we’ve collaboratively put in place.


These sessions can be held in person or virtually, and are entirely flexible to suit you and your busy lifestyle. I don’t price by hour as I find this doesn’t reflect the nature of the coaching agreement we set up.

When receiving coaching, you will have regular weekly contact, as well as a minimum of three set hour sessions a month and I spend lots of time preparing before and following up after to make sure you get the most out of them. I find pricing by week works better than regimented time slots with this in mind.

Clients typically spend around £75 a week but I do like to craft a bespoke costed plan. We both agree to this up front, and it is typically based on your individual goals and the length of our working relationship.

I ask for a minimum dedication of two months together as this tends to be the shortest amount of time required to both get under the skin of what you want, craft a plan and taking steps to achieve it.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch!