Putting ourselves first and prioritising our goals often feels difficult. Investing in our future goals and ambitions can feel frivolous but why should it? You are deserving of everything you want for yourself!

Group coaching is a brilliant way to set yourself real steps to achieve your goals, and be accountable for them on a weekly basis. Many of my clients love the group coaching experience for the way it connects them to a network of likeminded people, who are all working towards their own goals.

I deliver a specific coaching programme for groups. Read on to find out more…

Group coaching via the five point plan

For those who like a more group focused coaching experience, I have the Five Point Plan. This is a eight week programme that helps you gain further clarity, set some goals and build habits that will set you up for success.

The programme aims to cover:

  • AUDIT: A deep dive into the way your life currently runs, the challenges you face and key strengths that will set you up for success.
  • UNDERSTAND: Gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and how you can work with your natural and instinctive tools to motivate yourself and achieve goals.
  • EMPOWER: Exploring empowering models of thought, techniques and tools that will help you be more motivated, relaxed and accountable.
  • DOCUMENT: The bedrock of the process is a simple and clear action plan to break that big goal down into bitesize steps.
  • INTRODUCTIONS: Introducing you to like minded individuals within the collective that can act as your cheerleaders, confidantes and co-achievers.

Over the eight weeks, you get:

  • Quick wins: each week you get a personalised email tailored to your specific concerns, giving you handy hints, tips and motivation for the week ahead.
  • Journey Ahead stash: including a journal, goal setting sheets and some motivational cards.
  • Coaching: A weekly 1.5 hour group coaching session. Each one has a different focus and is shaped around the challenges of all attendees on the programme.
  • Resources: after to continue your development after including printables, journal prompts and references for your individual core values / limiting beliefs.
  • Insight: An empowering Q&A session with an inspirational person.
  • Recontact: A free follow up 30 minute session in a month’s time to see how you’re getting on.
  • Mindfulness: 2 x guided audio meditations to help you wind down and relax.

This coaching programme is traditionally delivered online and is priced at £555 per person. At present the five point plan is fully booked.

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