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Unique coaching for busy & ambitious women

Life is a juggling act, with work, family, and personal dreams all vying for attention. If you ever feel like you’re just getting by and not truly living, life coaching might be the game-changer you need.

Picture having your own personal guide, someone who helps you understand your strengths, navigate challenges, and reach your goals.

Life coaching with me is all about teaming up to make your life better, using proven methods like Polyvagal Theory and Values systems. Whether you’re a parent trying to find balance or someone searching for a more fulfilling life, life coaching is like having a friendly expert by your side, offering practical tools and support to help you grow and thrive.

My approach

Unique coaching taking you from surviving to thriving

Polyvagal-Informed Coaching:
Understanding and regulating your nervous system is at the core of my coaching. Polyvagal Theory helps us navigate stress, promoting a sense of calm and resilience.

Cyclical Living Wisdom:
For those that menstruate, aligning your life with natural cycles, we’ll explore how to harness the energy of different phases for optimal productivity, creativity, and self-care.

Human Design Insights:
Discover your unique Human Design profile, unlocking a personalised guide to decision-making, communication, and understanding your strengths.

Values-Based Discovery:
Together, we’ll uncover your core values, ensuring that your choices align with what truly matters to you, both personally and professionally.

« Saved Me »

Georgia: One to One Coaching

« I’m not exaggerating when I say working with Hannah changed the trajectory of my life. I’ve tried lost of strategies in the path to have more clarity, balance and mental freedom in my life and only after working with Hannah can I say I’ve found something that truly stuck. She found the perfect balance of creating a safe space for me to express my worries, thoughts and feelings, but then also challenged me to think about things in a different way. Everyone needs Hannah in their lives! »

Hannah sits at a laptop and is smiling. She is delivering a group coaching class and there is a plant on the table.

« I'm thriving! »

Kamila: One to One coaching

« I reached out to Hannah after months of feeling overwhelmed and stuck. I put off coaching for ages because of worries about spending on myself – now I wish I’d done it sooner! The value I and my family got out of my coaching experience has been incredible. Not only did I put things in place that have made a considerable change to my daily life, but I learnt so much! Hannah has so much knowledge about the nervous system and values. I’m now thriving thanks to everything I learnt with Hannah. »

How does it work?

Costs and logistics

Sessions can be held in person or virtually, and are entirely flexible to suit you and your busy lifestyle. I don’t price by hour as I find this doesn’t reflect the nature of the coaching agreement we set up.

When receiving coaching, you will have regular weekly contact, as well as a minimum of three set hour sessions a month, with voice coaching in between. I spend lots of time preparing before and following up after to make sure you get the most out of them. I find pricing by week works better than regimented time slots with this in mind.

Clients typically spend around £75 a week but I do like to craft a bespoke costed plan. We both agree to this up front, and it is typically based on your individual goals and the length of our working relationship.

I ask for a minimum dedication of two months together as this tends to be the shortest amount of time required to both get under the skin of what you want, craft a plan and taking steps to achieve it.

Let's talk about your journey!

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