Bringing new life into the world is one of the most defining moments of your life, and choosing Hypnobirthing is to choose an experience where you’re empowered and excited. It’s about being fearless and well informed to make the best choices for you both.

Why choose Journey Ahead?

My ambition is to provide the best antenatal education for you and your baby. I am passionate about giving families the best start in their parenting journey, and setting them up for positive, empowering experiences.

I trained through Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing (KGH) which is the most comprehensive teacher training on the market. It is the only course to be accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

The wealth of training I have received means I can provide much more support beyond the traditional antenatal classes.

Once you invest in a course, you have me on hand to support you throughout the remainder of your pregnancy. If you choose, I can also support you through the birth and postpartum too.

Many expectant parents choose one to one hypnobirthing because they want a more individualised service, which is delivered either virtually or within the home (for those in the North West of the UK).

Benefits of one to one

Delivering the course content to you on such a personal and intimate level has multiple benefits:

  • Convenient. Planned around your availability and times, you don’t have to try rush to classes.
  • Bespoke. Previous trauma or very specific fears can be challenging to talk about in a group setting, delivering this one on one means I can tailor the content and our focuses to your specific situation.
  • Flexible. For those that would prefer a more flexible course structure, this is the choice for you. By working in this way I can chop up the course content so that it is shaped around your needs.
  • Premium. This type of learning is the crème de la crème! You have my undivided attention and support. Many couples find it more comfortable, especially when working through the relaxation scripts and talking about their worries or concerns.

What to expect

Antenatal education with Journey Ahead is…

  • A relaxed, fun and evidence based way to learn
  • A choice to empower yourselves for a confident start to parenthood
  • A system of birth preparation
  • A detailed understanding for post-birth

A very brief outline of the course content can be found below:

The Science
  • What happens to your body and why?
  • How can we work with it to deliver without intervention?
  • What positions can baby be in and how this might impact things?
The Tools
  • What tools and techniques can we use to keep calm and comfortable?
  • How can we practice during pregnancy?
  • What can birth partners do?
The Labour
  • Positions for birth
  • Choices you can make about pain relief
  • Comfort measures and birth preferences
  • Places to give birth and the benefits of each
The Choices
  • What intervention may be suggested?
  • How do we make informed choices?
  • How do we navigate the NHS to get bespoke care?
  • What policies and procedures inform care at present?
The Fourth Trimester
  • What choices do we have about feeding and how do we do this?
  • If we want to breast/chest feed, how do we prepare for this?
  • What tools can be used in those early weeks?
  • How do we look after baby’s umbilical cord?
  • What is biologically normal sleep, eat and digestion wise and how can we support this in a nurturing way?

The preparation you do as a birthing team will help you get to a place where you know what to expect, and will give you steps to the birth experience that is right for you.

Costs and inclusions

Typically this content is delivered over 5 x 2-3 hour sessions or two full days. As mentioned above, this can be shaped around your individual needs when you invest in this package.

At the end of the sessions you will receive audio files/scripts and a KGH hypnobirthing book to consolidate and practice what you learn. You’ll also get two resource packs to remind you of all the major bits we cover.

The cost for this type of learning is £333 (£66.60 per session). There may be a small supplement for travel to your home depending on where you live, please enquire to discuss further.

What are you waiting for? Enquire today and begin your journey!