November Hybrid Hypnobirthing Group Class


The Journey Ahead Hypnobirthing antenatal course is extensive – for all births and all people. This five-star rated course covers everything you need to know to prepare yourself through bump, birth and beyond.

The course covers five major topics: the science, the tools, the labour, the choices and the fourth trimester. Previous families have been ‘blown away’ and have gone on to have empowering, ‘incredible’ experiences using the knowledge they have learnt.

Delivered by doula, hypnobirthing teacher and women’s coach Hannah, you can expect classes to be relaxed and fun. Course content is heavily researched and led by the latest evidence. Find more course information below.


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The Journey Ahead November Hypnobirthing antenatal course is extensive. This five star rated course covers everything from how to best look after yourself through pregnancy, through to what to expect in labour. We also learn tools and techniques for a calm and comfortable labour, as well as exploring the NHS care system and how you can shape an experience that is positive and empowering. The course also has an extensive focus on the fourth trimester and looking after yourself and baby when they arrive.

Course overview

This November hypnobirthing course is for all stages of pregnancy and all types of birth. It is a hybrid course which consists of two online evening sessions (Wednesday 1st & 8th) and a full day in-person session (Saturday 4th).

Antenatal education with Journey Ahead is…

  • A relaxed, fun and evidence based way to learn
  • A choice to empower yourselves for a confident start to parenthood
  • A system of birth preparation
  • A detailed understanding for post-birth

A very brief outline of the course content can be found below:

The Science
  • What happens to your body and why?
  • How can we work with it to deliver without intervention?
  • What positions can baby be in and how this might impact things?
The Tools
  • What tools and techniques can we use to keep calm and comfortable?
  • How can we practice during pregnancy?
  • What can birth partners do?
The Labour
  • Positions for birth
  • Choices you can make about pain relief
  • Comfort measures and birth preferences
  • Places to give birth and the benefits of each
The Choices
  • What intervention may be suggested?
  • How do we make informed choices?
  • How do we navigate the NHS to get bespoke care?
  • What policies and procedures inform care at present?
The Fourth Trimester
  • What choices do we have about feeding and how do we do this?
  • If we want to breast/chest feed, how do we prepare for this?
  • What tools can be used in those early weeks?
  • How do we look after baby’s umbilical cord?
  • What is biologically normal sleep, eat and digestion wise and how can we support this in a nurturing way?

What will I get?

The hypnobirthing preparation you do as a birthing team will help you get to a place where you know what to expect, and are excited about the experience. The course will give you clear steps to the birth experience that is right for you.

You’ll leave feeling empowered, excited, and prepared for birth and beyond. As well as the full course content delivery, you will also get:

  • 5 x audio relaxation files
  • The KG Hypnobirthing book
  • A printed parent resource pack
  • A printed postpartum resource pack
  • Whatsapp and email support in the lead up to, and after your labour
  • A free hour of doula care to debrief your birth or support with feeding

Costs and dates:

Please note the course fee for this class is £222 per pregnant person (up to 2 birth partners free).

This course is running online on the 1st & 8th November 7pm – 9pm. There is a full day, in person session on Saturday 4th which runs from 10am – 4pm (with regular breaks!)

It is strongly advised that your chosen birth partner attends all of the sessions with you.


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