Journey Ahead: The Hypnobirthing Doula

I believe my purpose in life is to help women like you

There is nothing that fills me up with love and contentment more than making women feel better.

I am physically drawn to working closely with women in some of the most important years of their lives.

Because not everyone has a ‘village’ around them

To put it simply: I am driven to make you feel better.

The path to parenthood can be scary, lonely, worrying and more. Even if we have a brilliant support system around us, often the people around us don’t have the skills, knowledge or experience to truly be there for us in the way we need.

Needing extra support is a normal part of the process

Our deepest need us to feel that we belong and are held in our experiences.

More often than not, that means we need to unite with others who are going through the same experiences as us.

Sometimes its just having the physical presence and listening ear from someone who ‘gets’ it.

I believe that at this stage of our lives, we need authentic and genuine connection. I believe that when someone shares this with us, our connection to ourselves, our experiences, our partners and our babies explodes.

I am made to guide, share with and show up for you

This is why I was put on the planet. It’s why I’ve experienced the things I have experienced, and its why I feel physically pulled into this field of work.

Life as a mother is exciting, fulfilling, overwhelming, spectacular and challenging.

When women work with me they’re able to step into their role as a mother informed, empowered and at the centre of the experience.

Without proper antenatal education, support in the postpartum period and guidance when reintroducing ‘work’ into our lives, so many of us end up feeling stressed, overwhelmed, lost and confused.

Life is too short to live on the side lines of your life

Which is why I am here today, to serve you.

To work alongside you. To offer knowledge and guidance. To listen and to hold your hand. To be your friend and your confidant.

If you’d like to learn about the ways I can support you, head to the My Services page to learn more.

And because this role is ever evolving and growing, if there’s anything you need that I don’t have listed as a ‘service’, then get in touch so that we can explore together.